Why Do We Need Vegetables?

Why do we need vegetables? Is a common question that is frequently asked by a lot of people. Well, by consuming a high portion of fruits and vegetables could lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancers, stroke and even heart diseases.

Unluckily, those kinds of horrifying diseases are common and its been calculated about A$269 could have been saved in 2018, if only everyone in Australia could meet fruit and vegetables instruction. Hence, that’s why are vegetables good for you

Actually, the instruction to include a lot of vegetables and fruits in our diet is depend on a large body of evidence displaying the risk of an array of health condition is decreased as we eat more vegetables and fruits.

why do we need vegetables

Therefore, Why do we need vegetables and fruits? We need that to fulfil the particular targets of two serving of fruits and five to six serving for vegetables. These targets are massively in accordance to nutrient requirements for healthy people. 

However, several current researches even suggest that those above targets don’t go far enough. It’s been estimated that an excellent intake of vegetables and fruits for decreasing the risk of heart diseases and early death has to be around ten serving of vegetables and fruits in one day.

Whether, we are aiming for 5 serving or 10 serving of fruits and vegetables a day, the most important thing that should be understood here is that the message, which is the vast majority of us need to increase our vegetables and fruits intake. 

Then how we could increase our vegetables and fruits intake? Well, for children home and school environment are two main key influencers of food preference and intake.  Even more important for young children, parents also hold an importance place as a gate keepers and role models.

Why is that so? Because when there is a parental stimulation and optimism, family rules as well as role modelling, there is a great possibility of increased vegetables and fruits intake. 

Additionally, dietary behavior and food choices actually start from childhood and then it will continue to move through adolescence and then to adulthood. Therefore, in school there should be a program or mechanism such as “fruit snack times” to encourage vegetables and fruits intake. This method could be such a great investment in a way to increase vegetables and fruits intake.

Another method that could be done is that by increasing the variety of vegetables and fruits in main meal, because research has shown that by increasing the variety of vegetables in a meal could increase the intake. Furthermore, when you are wondering Why do we need vegetables? The first thing that you should remember is that, it could prevent you from a lot of chronical diseases such as heart diseases and cancers. Moreover, it could also give you a lot of health benefits, so don’t miss out on your vegetable, folks!