Why are Bananas Good for Your Heart?

Are bananas good for your heart? This question must be asked a lot because heart disease becomes one of the massive killers in the world. People just want to be healthy forever so they need to pay attention to their lifestyle including their diet. It is better to know more about banana before including it in the heart healthy diet.

Natural Sugar Load

Banana is type of fruit which can be found very easily. People can find the supply of banana all year round. More importantly, many people use this fruit as their delicious and sweet treat. Yes, banana comes with large amount of natural sugar which becomes the source of its sweetness.

Nevertheless, people usually do not pay attention to the health benefits which can be found from banana. It is true that this fruit is considered as the great diet menu for people who have concern with cardiovascular health.


When people are asking about are bananas good for your heart, the answer is yes. However, people have to learn further about the nutrient which can be found in banana. The first nutrient which makes banana great for heart is potassium.

Banana is rich of potassium which is very important nutrient for keeping a healthy heart. The muscle contraction will be promoted with potassium. People must not forget that heart cannot beat without muscle contraction. It means that potassium plays important role for helping heart squeezing blood throughout the body.

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If people are looking for the food source with the highest potassium content, banana becomes the top answer. People need to take about 2300 milligrams of potassium a day and they can easily fulfill this amount by taking banana since it comes with 467 milligrams of potassium in every average sized.

Low Sodium

People can make sure that heart health cannot be separated from the sodium intake. For keeping the heart healthy, people have to take high amount of potassium but they must not forget to keep the sodium intake low.

It is true that sodium is necessary for our body but people must not consume it more than needed. It is important to reduce sodium intake for avoiding high blood pressure. It also becomes important step which can be followed for reducing risk of stroke as well as coronary heart disease.

There is no doubt that banana becomes great food source for heart health because it only comes with one milligram of sodium. It is the real low sodium food which people can find with pretty affordable price and delicious taste as well.


Last but not least, the great benefit of banana for heart health is considered from its fiber content. For reducing the risk of coronary disease, people need to take the diet with high fiber content. In this circumstance, it must be great to take banana for diet.

By consuming one banana, people already fill about 16% of dietary fiber requirement of the day. They must not forget that it will be great for their digestion health as well. No more doubt about the answer of are bananas good for your heart.