Which fruit is best for health and not best for health?

Almost many people do fresh fruit. Generally, fruit contains nutrition, mineral, antioxidants and also vitamin. However, some fruits cannot be healthy.

If those contain the calories, fiber, etc so that you have to smart to find which fruit is best for health.  By consuming fruits, you will ovoid with cancer, inflammation, diabetes, heart etc. orange and berries might prevent the disease. Here are the fruits you can eat and cannot. 

Lists fruit you can eat:

1.  Blueberries: this is one popular fruit that has wonderful benefit for health. When you eat a cup of blueberries, it contains 4 grams of fiber and 15-gram carbohydrates. You will get vitamin C is about 24% and 36% for Vitamin K. blueberries also contain more antioxidants.

which fruit is best for health

Based on the research, blueberries can increase memory and can handle the infections of the urinary tract. So that you never asked why is fruit good for you? The fruit is exactly benefit for your health.  

2.  Pineapple: if you find a fruit that contains vitamin C, enzyme bromelain and manganese, you can eat pineapple. Enzyme bromelain has a function to stop diarrhea and prevent diabetes, cancer depends on the Biotechnology Research International. You can use pineapple as a topping of pizza or as a snack.  

3.  Apple: many people eat an apple because it is healthy and delicious. When you try to find which fruit is best for healthy, you can choose this fruit. Apple contains water and fiber.

Besides that, you can eat watermelon, grapefruit, lemons, kiwi etc. however, there are several fruits you cannot eat because the content is not good for health especially for a patient who has diabetes etc or people who do diet program. 

Lists of fruits you cannot eat:

1.  Bananas: This fruit contains carbohydrate which divided into calorie is about 93% and 16% for sugar. You can change with apple or grapefruit. If you like banana, you can eat the smaller ones.

2.  Mangoes: you should more read about which fruit is the best for health. However, mangoes cannot be healthy for your body. It contains 100 calories and sugar is about 23 grams. If you want to diet, you should avoid this fruit.

3.  Coconut: a cup of coconut contains 283 calories and fat out of 224. 

4.  Cherries: it contains more sugar than other fruits. For a cup of cherries, there is 17.7 grams of sugar. If you are diabetics or people who diet program, do not choose it. It’s not good for health. Read more which fruit is best for health.