What Is Grapefruit Juice Good For and How to Consume

Do you like consuming grapefruits? Which one do you prefer the raw/in fruits one or the juice one? Well there are indeed some differences consuming grapefruits in juice and in fruits. Nutrition in both ways are also different. Therefor it is essential to know the differences among two of them. So that you know what is grapefruit juice good for.

The comparison nutrient between grapefruit and grapefruit juice

Viewed from macronutrients, one cup serving of grapefruit juice contains one gram of protein, one hundred calories, and twenty-five grams of carbohydrate without fiber at all. While one cup serving of raw grapefruit contains two grams of protein, eighty calories, twenty grams of carbohydrates, and three grams of fiber. As we can see, the grapefruit juice is rich macronutrient but less in fiber. The condition is in contrast with whole grapefruits that carries more fiber. 

It is well-known that fiber could reduce the blood pressure and good for health. From micronutrients, grapefruit juices carry more vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, thiamine, and iron compared to whole grapefruits. However, whole grapefruits contain more niacin and calcium than grapefruit juices. 

Based on the contained nutrient in each way, we know what is grapefruit juice good for. The answer is for the non-diabetic ones. Due to less fiber and rich calories, grapefruit juice could endanger diabetics’ blood pressure. Both of ways of consuming grapefruits still contribute positively to the increase of HDL. 

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Best way to consume grapefruit juice

The ultimate way to consume grapefruit juice is by drinking freshly. It is highly recommended to drink the juice or splash of grapefruits without adding any artificial sweetener or sugar. The additional substances could alter the nutrient contained. If you do not want to squeeze it, you can put it in blender. If you still ask what is grapefruit juice good for, some people have proved that grapefruit juice is good for those who are in diet. As the vitamin C in the grapefruit juice is known to be able burning the fat.

Other than drinking grapefruit juice in fresh, you could also use it as a flavor in your tart. Also, you can mix it in your cocktail. Another way is by pouring it in your salad as your salad sauce. Adding grapefruit juices in your smoothies is also an excellent idea, as the juice will give a little bit sour and sweet taste. Or if you have time you can make a broiled grapefruit crisp. Adding grapefruit in your recipes could be an alternative way to give acid or exotic taste for your meals. 

Known for its benefits, there is a caution that you need to know. Do not mix grapefruit juice with statin and other drugs for medication. They are Zocor, Adalat CC, Procardia, Lipitor, Buspirone, Neoral, Sandimmune, Nexterone, Uceris, Allegra, Pacerone, and many others. Mixing them could interfere the medication work and give dangerous impact for your health. After knowing what is grapefruit juice good for and bad for, you really need to be cautious in consuming grapefruit juice.