What Does Bananas Do for Your Body Health?

what does bananas do for your body? People might be curious about this since banana is considered as delicious and healthy sweet treat for their diet. More importantly, this is type of fruit which can be found very easily at pretty affordable price as well. Well, let’s find out more about banana and its potential benefits for health.

Banana Facts

Before people can go further to know more about the health benefits of bananas, they need to know about some facts about this fruit. The very first important thing to know is about the fact that bananas are rich in fiber and potassium. This fact will play important role to the benefits of bananas for people’s health.

Bananas are not only healthy but they are very tasty as well. People can make delicious and healthy breakfast by adding bananas that are ripen at room temperature into cereal. Although bananas are very healthy, it is better for people who are using beta blockers to avoid increasing their banana intake suddenly.

what does bananas do for your body

Lowering Blood Pressure

The very first benefit which people can find from bananas is the fact that it is useful for preventing high blood pressure. People commonly know that they have to lower their sodium intake for lowering their blood sugar. Bananas are surely low in sodium so it will be great for maintaining normal blood pressure.

Nevertheless, when people are asking about what does bananas do for your body, they also need to pay attention to the high potassium content which can be found in bananas. Increasing potassium intake will also be necessary for controlling blood pressure.


Asthma can be one uncomfortable condition which can be very dangerous. It is better for people to control the risk of suffering this health condition. In this circumstance, they can do it by consuming more bananas.

There was a study which involved bananas and children. Children who consume even just a banana a day had lower chance to develop asthma. It is interesting that the percentage is pretty significant.

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Cancer becomes a nightmare for many people because it can bring people to death without any warning. People are looking for the way for preventing this including by finding the super food. In fact, reducing the risk of cancer can be done by simply consuming bananas along with oranges and orange juice.

People might not so familiar with the idea of banana as vitamin C source but in fact, it contains of vitamin C which can counter the free radicals development which can lead cancer. Besides, bananas are also rich in fiber so it will be useful for decreasing the colorectal cancer risk.

Heart, Diabetes, and Digestion

The combination of high amount of potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 can promote the health of heart. Bananas also have potential benefits for people who have type 1 diabetes. High fiber in banana will be useful for lowering the glucose blood level in the blood. It can also be useful for improving the level of insulin, lipids, and blood sugar in type 2 diabetics. Supporting digestive health is also included in the answer about what does bananas do for your body.