The Most Healthy Fruits That You Should Consume Every Day

There are so many benefits that you can get from the habit of consuming fruits. Start from the positive effects for the health up to the matter of body appearance. Consuming fresh fruits is better rather than to drink the juice.

This is because juice can make the nutrients in the fruit disappear due to the manufacturing process. Just like what the Times of India already been mentioned about what is the most healthy fruit that suggested to consume every day. And here are the lists for the most healthy fruits that you should consume.

what is the most healthy fruit


This fruit is having so many benefits for health. By consuming this fruit regularly, it can accelerate blood circulation, maintain fluid balance in the body, reduce high blood pressure, and prevent cancer. Besides it is really good for health, guava price is relatively cheap compared to the other fruits. And the reason why is fruit good for you, this is because it maintains our body to be healthy.


Even though it is small, but the benefits of kiwi are amazing. Kiwi is the source of potassium, and mineral which helps to lower blood pressure, beneficial for the autonomic nervous system which controls the heartbeat, contains a lot of vitamins E, magnesium and fiber. Interestingly, the vitamin C content in kiwis is twice as large as oranges.


Besides contains mineral up to 92%, watermelon also has glutathione levels; free radical antidote, poison repellent, and boost immunity. Watermelon is also a major source of lycopene, an antioxidant against cancer. And watermelon belongs to what is the most healthy fruit. 


Papaya is one of the fruits that contain lycopene. The nutrients from the Papaya is effective in preventing and eradicating the spread of cancer cells. Papaya also has other ingredients such as a source of vitamin c, potassium, and folic acid which make it a very healthy fruit.


Consuming two up to four oranges in a day can prevent flu, reduce cholesterol, prevent and dissolve kidney stone. Besides that, the habit of consuming orange also able to reduce the risk of getting colon cancer. Orange also good for maintaining immunity and good for rejuvenating the skin.

Now you have been already known about what is the most healthy fruit. Therefore, you consuming these fruits to get the maximum benefits from this. And don’t forget to shape your habit of consuming fruits to maintain a healthy body.