The Importance of Eating Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

The growth and development of children have become a very memorable moment for parents. Starting from children learning to walk, teething, until the stage of entering school. Therefore, parents have an important role to play in maintaining and fulfilling their children’s nutritional intake.

Nutrition intake given to children must not be wrong. This is because adequate nutrition can maintain the health of children. Parents can meet the nutritional intake of children by routinely providing fruits and vegetables every day.

Why are vegetables good for you? Why are fruits good for children? This article will discuss the importance of eating fruits and vegetables for kids.

importance of eating fruits and vegetables

Improving Nutrition

Nutrition has a very important role in the growth and development of children. Therefore, parents must ensure that their children have received good and sufficient nutrition. Giving fruits and vegetables to children is one of the right ways for parents to improve their children’s nutrition.

Lots of nutritional content in fruits and vegetables that can help to improve the growth and development of children. Vitamin C works to improve the child’s immune system. Examples of fruits that contain vitamin C are oranges, strawberries, and kiwi.

Vitamin A  serves to maintain the health of children’s eyes. Apples, carrots, and papaya are examples of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamin C. Iron, the functions as an antioxidant that can prevent anemia. Examples of vegetables that contain the most iron are spinach.

Reducing the Risk of Obesity

Some parents are very happy if their children grow up big and fat. However, this is certainly also not good. Obesity in children is very dangerous because it can cause asthma, diabetes, and also heart disease. Therefore, parents also need to pay attention to their children’s bodies to remain ideal.

The importance of eating fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of obesity in children. This is because fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber which will prevent children from eating too much or not in accordance with the proper portion. In addition, fruits and vegetables also contain low fat and calories so that children will avoid the risk of obesity.

Improving Academic System

According to a study by the Journal of School Health in April 2008, if the academic value of children can also be affected due to the lack of consuming fruits and vegetables. This is because children who consume fruits and vegetables have 41% fewer reading difficulties. Therefore, parents need to add fruits and vegetables to their children’s daily supplies so that they can focus on doing activities at school.

Those are some of the reasons for the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. In addition, parents also need to reduce or even prevent their children from consuming junk food. This is because junk food is food that contains fat and very high calories.