The Great Advantages of Fruits and Vegetables: Dragon Fruit and Cabbage

Let’s talk about the advantages of fruits and vegetables. All fruits and also vegetables exactly have great benefits. But, in this article, we will focus on discussing the benefits of dragon fruit and cabbage. Let’s start it!

The benefits of dragon fruit

Are fruits good for you? Of course. Dragon fruit is very beneficial. What are the benefits? They are:

Keeping the health of the skin

Most people have widely known this common and health benefit from dragon fruit. It is because dragon fruit contains vitamin B3, vitamin C, and the levels of water reaching 90 %. So that body skin will be perfectly healthy inside and outside. If you intend to always seem fresh, you suit to consume this fruit.

advantages of fruits and vegetables

The color of red contained in this kind of fruit exactly has some phytochemicals in which it acts as the . It means that it does not only care about your skin always taut but also it against the radicals which are free in your body.

Preventing cancer

As said before, dragon fruit has antioxidants. It can fight even kill free radicals to reduce the cancer risks in the body.

Besides vitamin C, this fruit has carotene that will reduce many tumors. The content of lycopene from the red color of dragon fruit is able to reduce prostate cancer risks.

Maintaining the health of the heart 

This fruit has other great benefits that are reducing bad cholesterol. Then, this fruit will increase good cholesterol. If you regularly consume this sweet fruit, the high pressure of blood and also hear risks will be reduced. Then, the activity of your healthy heart will be smooth.

Boosting the body’s immunity

As said before, dragon fruit can greatly fight all free radicals and also thicken the system of immune. It means that you may seldom get diseases like flu or fever in which these diseases are usually caused by the factors of infection.

The benefits of cabbage

Cabbage also has many benefits. Below are some benefits of cabbage.

Losing weight

Cabbage is like the other great vegetables in which it also has high antioxidants, vitamins, and also fiber. The calories in cabbage are quite low. When you once consume it, you will quickly get and also you exactly get all the nutrients you need. But, it is only a few calories. So, it can lose weight.

Detoxification of the body

Cabbage contains high sulfur and vitamin C. Both of them can eliminate toxins like gout and also free radicals from your lovely body. Then, the juice of cabbage has antioxidant ‘carbine of indole-3’ in which it has an amazing role in detoxification of the liver.

Controlling the Blood Sugar

This vegetable has high phytonutrients. It is commonly called betalains. It can reduce the levels of blood sugar and also help your body produce insulin. The other contents of Cabbage are anti-hyperglycemic and antioxidants so that cabbage can be a great cure for the disease of diabetes.

Proper processing of vegetables and fruit

Not only in processing dragon fruit and also cabbage, processing fruits, and other vegetables must also be right in order to stay awake nutrition and benefits. Improper processing methods make the nutritional content and advantages of fruits and vegetables can be slightly reduced.

To avoid these conditions, there are a number of ways you can do.

  • Before peeling, wash first, skinned fruit and tubers so that the inside is protected from contamination or dirt.
  • It is not recommended to wash vegetables in submerged conditions, because dirt that has dissolved in water can stick back. A good way to wash is to use running water and clean it in detail.
  • Wash leafy vegetables or fruit that can be consumed directly with the skin under running water, so that the content of vitamins and nutrients they have is insoluble and saves more water. Before consumption, rinse once again using warm water.
  • For vegetables and fruits that do not experience the cooking process, make sure all kitchen utensils and cutlery used in clean conditions so that no germs accompany when consumed.

Those are the advantages of fruits and vegetables of dragon fruit and cabbage. May your body always be healthy!