The Concrete Measurement of How Many Bananas In A Cup

How many bananas in a cup?

When searching for recipes, which include banana, you may find the instruction says “prepare a cup of banana”. Well, it can lead misunderstanding since there is no exact measurement included about how much a cup of banana is. Moreover, there is also instruction, which use mashed, diced, sliced, or whole banana. Since there is no concrete measurement of it, it is possible that the cooking will taste differently because we give different number of bananas.

The equivalent to help you know how many bananas in a cup

As the solution of the problem above, here is the explanation of banana equivalents for some measurements. 1 pound of banana is the same as 3 medium banana or 4 small banana. It can give you 2 until 2 ½ cups of sliced banana and 11/3 cups of mashed banana. With 1 pound of dried banana, you can have 4 ½ cups of sliced banana.

If you want to slice 1 medium banana, you will have 2/3 cup of it. Dicing 2 medium bananas will give you 1 cup and mashing 3 medium bananas will give you 1 cup of it. As the extract, you can have 1 cup of it from 2 medium bananas.

Know the banana measurement for how many bananas in a cup

To determine the right equivalent, you need to know the measurement of banana, whether the banana you use is in small, medium, or large size. First, small banana has 6 up to 6 7/8 inches long. The medium size is in the range of 7 up to 7 7/8 inches long. Meanwhile, if the banana you use is between 8 up to 9 inches long, it is considered as the large one.

If the measurement to know how many bananas in a cup does not go well

Although you have knew the equivalent of each banana size to how many cups you can get, there is still possibility that you may get more or less result. Every time when we cook, it is always better to have more ingredients than finding out that we need more but run out of it. To avoid this kind of problem, it is suggested to have more bananas prepared than the number we share to you in the equivalent explanation. When at the end you are not using the banana, you can save it for another cooking later.

Related to keeping banana, here is a simple and recommended way to save banana. First, peel the bananas. It is better to freeze bananas, which are already on their peak ripeness. Second, cut each of them into slices (make it about 34 inches thick). Then, spread it on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Make sure that it does not touch each other to prevent them from clumping together. After that, freeze it for several hours (make it at least 1 hour). After they are completely frozen, you can move them into containers or plastic bags. Finally, frozen bananas are ready to store in the freezer.