The Benefits of Mangosteen

Some people love mangosteen. Mangosteen is a fruit that has the taste of sour and also a little bit sweet. Besides delicious to consume, mangosteen also has so many benefits for body health. And all the parts of mangosteen, not only its flesh but the mangosteen peel also able to use for the various treatment of diseases.

And the reason why is fruit good for you, this is because of mangosteen able to rejuvenate the skin. And here the fruits and its benefits from mangosteen.

Preventing Cancer

The Benefits of Mangosteen

Research that had been done by Kritsanawong revealed that alpha-mangosteen extracted from mangosteen fruit can inhibit breast cancer. This is because alpha-mangosteen can inhibit abnormal cell growth that causes cancer development. Commonly this alpha-mangosteen is consumed in the form of foods supplement. Besides that, ethanol extract produced from the walls of mangosteen can overcome skin cancer. 

Boost the Immunity

Fiber and Vitamin C are the two crucial contents in the mangosteen which is good to boost immunity. In the journal of Nutrients, the fiber content in mangosteen fruit can support the good bacteria in the intestine, while vitamin C has the function to keep the immunity system. And this is the mangosteen fruits and its benefits.

Fight Allergies

Research that had been done by Nakatani revealed that one of the benefits of mangosteen fruits can fight some allergies. This is because the extract from the mangosteen fruit can inhibit the release of histamine (causes of the body itching when allergic) and prostaglandin synthesis (causes inflammation in the body when allergic).

Preventing Diarrhea

 The fruit and the skin of mangosteen are effective relieving from slow disorders such as diarrhea and dysentery. You can make mangosteen as s traditional medicine. The way to do this is to soak the fruit skin in the water overnight. And this herb is given to adults and children who have chronic diarrhea. While dried powder from mangosteen peel is used in the treatment of dysentery. 

Besides mangosteen fruits and their benefits, this fruit also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergic, and anti-oxidant. These benefits can help you to reduce the risks of skin conditions such as inflammation, aging, eczema, allergies, and up to bacterial infections.

Therefore, there are so many benefits that you can get if you are consuming mangosteen fruit in the daily routine. And this fruit is recommended for the one who wants to get healthy skin and a healthy body.