The Benefits And Differences Kinds of Fruit and Vegetable

Fruits and vegetables are foods that we must consume every day. This is because fruits and vegetables have very good benefits. Fruits and vegetables are very good because they contain lots of nutrients and vitamins that are good for your health.

In addition, fruits and vegetables can also help the growth of children. However, until now people are still very much unable to distinguish the types or kinds of fruits and vegetables. This article will help you to find out more about the benefits and different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

1. Prevent various diseases

Fruits and vegetables contain lots of nutrients and vitamins that are good for you. In addition, fruits and vegetables also contain phytochemicals. Substances function to reduce cholesterol, relieve inflammation, increase endurance, and also act as antioxidants. This is because phytochemicals are substances that are only contained in plant-based sources.

2. Prevent obesity

Fruits and vegetables have a very important role to prevent obesity. This is because fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber which is very good for your health. The fibers contained in fruits and vegetables function to make you feel full and reduce hunger in the near time so that the portion of your meal will decrease and certainly enough in a day.

The Differences between Fruits and Vegetables

1. Seed

The main difference between fruits and vegetables that can be seen is the seeds. This is because fruits have seeds inside or outside such as watermelons, soursop, apples, and others. Meanwhile, vegetables do not have seeds for example such as spinach, carrots, and cabbage.

2. Nutrients

The nutrients content of fruits and vegetables is also very different. Fruits have higher natural fiber, sugar and calorie content than vegetables. This does not mean that vegetables do not have nutrients. Vegetables also contain substances that are good for health.

Different Kinds of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are divided into several different types. The different kinds of fruits and vegetables are what often makes many people confused in distinguishing between fruits and vegetables. Here are the types of fruits and vegetables along with examples.

1. Fruits

  • Citrus

Citrus is a type of fruit that usually contains sour taste derived from the content of citric acid. In addition, this type of fruit usually contains a lot of vitamin C. Examples of this type of fruit are oranges, lime, lemon, and yuzu.

  • Berries

Types of berries usually contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, berries also contain lots of minerals and low calorie so that it can help prevent obesity. Examples of berries are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and black currants.

2. Vegetables

  • Root

Kinds of root vegetables contain many benefits that can serve to prevent various diseases. This type of vegetable grows in the soil. Examples of vegetables that grow underground are carrots, potatoes, turnips, and types of onions.

  • Marrow

Usually, marrow is a type of vegetable that is often equated with fruits. This type of vegetable has can prevent some hard diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes so that’s why are vegetables good for you. In addition, this vegetable can also improve eye and bone health. Examples of marrow are cucumber, pumpkin, and zucchini.

That is more information about fruits and vegetables that you need to know. Not only the benefits you also need to know the different kinds of fruits and vegetables. This can help you distinguish between the two.

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