Reasons: How are Avocados Good For You?

According to some surveys, avocado is the most favorite fruit in the world. It is because besides its delicious taste, its creamy texture also makes many people love this fruit. Behind its good taste, avocado also has a lot of benefits for health. Here are the reasons of how are avocados good for you.

Keeping the Health of Heart

In the developed countries, heart disease is the main cause of death and it even starts to spread to developing countries too. If you want to have a healthy heart, consider to consume avocado everyday. Because avocado contains unsaturated fat which is beneficial for the health of your heart. This is one of how are avocados good for you.

Keeping the Health of Eyes

Taking care the health of eyes is an important thing. But nowadays, the lights from gadgets such as smartphone and laptop are able to damage our eyes. We are able to protect our eyes by using glasses when we use laptop or computer in order to keep the health of our eyes. Regularly consume avocado is also able to take care of our eyes. Avocado contains Carotenoid Lutein which functions to keep eyes from cataract.

Preventing Cancer

If you want to be spared from getting cancer, then often consume avocado. It is because avocado contains a lot of fibers which are great for stomach and able to prevent colon cancer. Moreover, the contents in avocado are also able to fight against cells of breast cancer. This is why how are avocados good for you.

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Controlling Body Weight

Even though avocado has a lot of unsaturated fat and calories, but surprisingly this fruit cannot make you gaining weight. Avocado is really suitable for those who are on diet. Moreover, avocado is able to be combined with other foods such as yoghurt, bacon, fishes, and many more. This way, your diet can be healthier and tastier. This is how are avocados good for you.

Preventing Diabetes

Avocado has a content of oleic acid which can prevent diabetes problems. Besides, this green fruit also contains unsaturated fat which is functioned to reduce triglycerides and able to control the level of blood sugar.

Brightening Skin

Japanese people usually add avocado in sushi, that is why they are able to keep their bright skin. Avocado is rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and also omega 3 fat which are really beneficial for skin. The contents can also help the skin quickly regenerating the dead skin cells. This is the reason why this fruit can brightening skin.

Increasing Nutrition Absorption

As it is said before, avocado has a content of carotenoid. Besides keeping the health of eyes, the carotenoid content is also able to help the body increasing the absorption of the nutrition from the foods consumed.

Preventing Joints Inflammation

Avocado also has the ability of reducing the inflammation of joints because of phytosterols contained. It is really beneficial as anti inflammation substance. So that this fruit is also suitable to be consumed by the elders.

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