Nutrients Found in Fruits

Fruits are good for our health, but we often wonder what nutrients are found in fruits. We are recommended to incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in our daily meal, because they are the main source of nutrients like vitamins and minerals that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Even if some particular vitamins like vitamin A can be found in foods like egg yolk, the amount of vitamin contained in egg yolk might be lower than those of fruits and vegetables. Besides, we cannot eat too many egg yolks, whereas we can eat a lot of fruits without getting the risk of heightened cholesterol, for example. 

It would be better if we can sneak a peek of which fruit is good for health, because we know what we are getting ourselves into. Here are the list of nutrients found in fruits:

what nutrients are found in fruits


Do you still question what nutrients are found in fruits? One of the main components of fruits is fiber. It contributes a lot for your overall health. For example, it will keep you full for longer because it slows down the digestive process in your stomach.

Also, by keeping you full for longer, your blood sugar will not suddenly spike because of the quick digestion occurring in the stomach. It is also known to lower cholesterol levels. If you want to get maximum benefits of fiber, choose fruits which are rich in fiber, such as pears, large apples, and oranges. Eat the edible skins and seeds as the fiber is mostly concentrated there


Different fruits are rich in different kinds of vitamins, so the more diverse your fruit consumption, the better it is. You will gain all of the vitamins and the benefits they offer to you. The type of vitamins that fruits most commonly contain are vitamins A and C.

Vitamin A is useful for increasing your vision and skin health, as well as protecting you from infection. Meanwhile, vitamin C is good for quickening wound healing and ensure that your gums stay healthy. Those vitamins can be found in fruits like cantaloupe, oranges, mangoes, and watermelon.


Even though most fruits do not contain a lot of minerals, they still have enough for you to reap the benefits. It is known that some fruits like bananas and avocados are high in potassium, which is necessary to promote healthy blood pressure levels.

Some fruits also contain iron and magnesium which help to maintain the body’s health, including the bones and our body cells. This list should be able to satisfy those who ask what nutrients are found in fruits.