Melon Fruit Nutrition at the Good for Body

Who is not familiar with melons, fruits that are pale green and sweet taste are easily found on the market. This melon fruit is a type of fruit that is still a brother with pumpkin and watermelon. Melon is very good for consumption because it tastes fresh and contains lots of water.

In the melons, there are many vitamins and minerals that are good for the body even though there are antioxidants that are not as many fruits as they are. The following are the nutrients contained in melons.

  1. Inside a piece of melon contains carbohydrates 15.5 grams and 61 calories with a sugar content of 13.8 grams. If consumed every day we will not lack body fluids. This fruit is useful as an additional intake besides drinking water. Besides the fiber content in melon fruit is good for lowering cholesterol.
  2. nutrition in a piece Melon has a potassium content of 388 milligrams. this is very good for maintaining the balance of the body so as not to lack fluids. In addition, potassium substances contained in it are also useful to facilitate the functioning of the heart, nerve impulses and muscle contractions in the body.
  3. Our body needs enough vitamin C for immune function. In a piece of melon containing 30.6 mg of vitamin C, which can meet the intake of vitamin C as much as 41% in adult men and 34% in adult women. If a day consumes 2-4 pieces of melon, then almost 100% of the content of vitamin C can supply our body to stay healthy and our immune system is maintained.
  4. The rest beside the ingredients above are only a few parts contained in a piece of melon which includes 1 gram of fat and protein, 4.9 mcg of vitamin K, less than 1% of the content of vitamins A and D, and low antioxidant content. The antioxidants in melon are less than a cantaloupe.

If you look at it overall, the nutritional content of melons is quite complete. Because it has many nutrients and tastes good, it’s no wonder that many people like this fruit.