List of Fruits and Their Vitamins

This article gives you a list of fruits and their vitamins. People know that consuming fruits is the simplest way to improve health as well as reducing the risk of having the disease.

It is because fruits are a good resource of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Basically, all the nutrients which the body needs are provided by the fruit. Moreover, fruits also contain antioxidants which protects you from free radical, making your body healthier and stronger.

If you ever wonder what vitamins certain fruits have, you can read the following list of fruits along with their vitamins.

list of fruits and their vitamins

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Lemon belongs to citrus fruits which are a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Basically, any citrus fruits contain vitamin C. However, lemon not only contains vitamin C but also vitamin B-6 and vitamin A as well.

Besides, lemon, and any citrus fruits, contain phytochemicals, an active component which brings many health benefits. You can eat lemon by squeeze it to your drink, salad, or fish. If you have a sore throat, you can add lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey to boiling water and drink it. 


Apple is a common fruit which usually included in someone’s diet. It is a quick, cheap, and easy addition to your diet. To get the greatest benefits, you should eat the apple along with the skin, do not peel it. Apples, although it does not belong to citrus fruits, also contain vitamin C as well as potassium.

It makes the list of fruits and their vitamins for good reasons besides their containment of vitamin C. Apples are one of the high-fiber fruits. It means that You can gain weight loss by consuming eat. That is why people include apple on their diet menu. 


Avocados are often referred to as a superfood. It is because they give plenty of health benefits to people. Besides containing vitamin C and A, avocados also contain oleic acid. This type of acid is believed to helps lower cholesterol levels on our bodies.

Getting the cholesterol levels lowered means that it also reduces the risk of stroke and chronic heart diseases. Avocado also is rich in antioxidants which are good for your skin. Avocado is a must fruit to be on the diet menu of a person who has high levels of cholesterols.

Based on the information, fruits are a good source of fiber. So, Does fruit have fiber? Definitely yes. it is suggested to consume those fruits. It is better to eat them fresh. However, you can still turn a list of fruits and their vitamins to juice if you like.