Is eating fruit good for you or bad for you?

Everyone knows that eating fruit is healthy but many people avoid it because fruits have too much sugar and you might still wonder is eating fruit good for you or are fruits good for you.

We know that health starts with nutrition that we can get from healthy fruits and vegetables. Balance is the key. So, we don’t need to worry about that. 

The Benefits Of Fruit

Fruit sugar is not the same as table sugar. When you eat table sugar in large amounts, it can put you in a food coma. While when you eat the fruit in large amounts, it gives you abundant energy. Eating a good volume of fruit will make you feel full.

is eating fruit good for you

Besides that, consuming too much table sugar can cause a disastrous effect on the kidney and liver. While fruits don’t have those effects on the body. Fruit sugar is a simple sugar and is easily digested by the body. 

There are many health benefits of eating fruit. Even eating only two or three small servings of fruit a day can lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, and more. Fruit also can help you lose weight because it has higher water content and higher fiber so you get to feel more full and consume fewer calories. 

The Bad Effect Of Fructose

If there’s a question that comes up to your mind “is eating fruit good for you?”, it might be because of its bad side in fruit. Fruit can make you fat if you eat too much of it. Fruit sugar still might be bad for you if you are not consuming it in a proportional amount. The fruit has a large amount of a sugar called fructose.

Fructose doesn’t go to all the cells in the body as glucose does. It only goes to the liver in one hundred percent that makes the liver has to deal with it. If you consume too much, it could lead to insulin resistance which will raise insulin. So, fructose is only harmful in large amounts and it’s quite difficult to get an excessive amount of fructose from fruit. Normal fructose consumption is 16 to 24 grams of fructose per day. 

Processed Fruit That Must Be Avoided

It’s better to consume whole fruits rather than fruit juice or dried fruit. Fruit juice contains a lot of water and a bunch of added sugar. Besides that, the fruit juice is not only without fiber but also without the nutrients because when you blend the fruit, it heats and kills a lot of nutrients. Similarly, the dried fruits are also very high in sugar which is not good for the body. So, if you wonder is eating fruit good for you or bad for you, then decide for yourself.