How Much Vitamin C in Clementine? Get the Answer Here

For information about how much vitamin c in a clementine, you can get the answer on the explanation below. Besides that, we also provide you with information about other nutrition.

Nutrient facts of Clementine

Before jumping to the information about how much vitamin c in a clementine, it is important to know about the nutrition facts having by this fruit first. In general, there is 80 calories in two Clementine. Still in the same serving, this fruit will give you only 1 gram of total fat. There is no polyunsaturated, saturated, trans, or monounsaturated fat on it. Moreover, the cholesterol is also in 0 mg. For that reason Clementine is a good fruit to be included in your diet plan.

Vitamin C in Clementine 

Clementine is fruit with rich amount of vitamin. On this fruit, there is vitamin A, vitamin C,and small amount of thiamine vitamin-6, folate, niacin, as well as pantothenic. So, how much vitamin c in a clementine? Two Clementine can give you 2% of vitamin A, and 290% of vitamin C. This amount is more than enough to fulfill 15% of the recommended daily intake.

The high amount of vitamin C is due to the fact that Clementine is a member of citrus family. For that reason, it is suggested that people with digestive problem should not take this fruit too much. However, if they still want to enjoy this fruit often, they can consult to a doctor first to make sure the save amount, which they can have.

The benefits of vitamin C in Clementine

Vitamin C is needed for the health of our skin. It also plays important role for the immune system and bones. Citrus fruit is well known for its high amount of vitamin C. Thus, Clementine can also give many benefits as what citrus fruit can give. Some of them are to decrease the risk of cancer, osteoarthritis, heart disease, as well as hypertension. For more, vitamin C is also important for the making process of collagen, a structural compound needed by our body (moreover for skin and bones). Vitamin C also helps to transport fat  to cell.

Vitamin C in Clementine will degrade rapidly when it is exposure to heat, air, and light. If you want to maximize the amount of vitamin C in this fruit, you can store it in cool and dark places. It is also recommended to use Clementine within 3 up to  4 days of purchase, then consume it as soon as possible after you peel it.

Benefits of other vitamin in Clementine

There are also more benefits, which you can get from vitamin in Clementine. Folate in this fruit can fulfill 15% of the recommended daily need. Folate can prevent heart disease, depression, as well as macular degeneration (related to age). For pregnant woman, getting folate will also decrease the risk of having her infant born with neurological defect.

Those are all information about the nutrition having by cutie orange. We highly hope that the explanation will give clear answer about how much vitamin c in a clementine.