How Much Vitamin C in A Grapefruit That You Consume

Looking for a healthy juicy fruit? Grapefruits can be the answer. Originated in Barbados, the fruit is an accidental hybrid between shaddock or pomelo with sweet orange. Look so contrast from its name, the fruit is more like an orange or a citrus and nothing like grapes. What makes it named as grapefruit is its fruits that grow in cluster looking like grapes.

Grapefruits are famous for its sweet sour and sometimes bitter. The sour taste could come from its nutrient that is vitamin C. The vitamin is dominating the fruit, but actually how much vitamin C in a grapefruit? The answer is explained below.

Grapefruits’ nutrients

Other than its splashy freshness, Grapefruits are rich in nutrients. Some research suggests that this fruit contain more than one hundred and fifty different phytonutrients. In more detail, per 123 grams of grapefruits there are 38.4 mg of vitamin C. The number could answer the question of how much vitamin C in a grapefruit. Those numbers of vitamin C can be found in raw grapefruits, pink grapefruits, and grapefruit juices. The total amount of vitamin C could change depending the way of the fruit is served. 

Adding more substances like sugar or water could reduce the total amount of the vitamin C. As the types of grapefruits are varied, the consisted vitamin C is mostly around 21.3 – 98.5 mg per 100 gr grapefruits served. In addition, the fruit also contains carbohydrates, copper, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B, fiber, biotin, calories, and protein with low fat. To get the best advantage of nutrition of grapefruit, it is highly recommended to consume undiluted, unsweetened, frozen concentrate, white grapefruit juice because the juice has the most nutritional density.

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Vitamin C’ benefits in grapefruit for our body

As the answer of how much vitamin C in a grapefruit has been revealed, now it is essential also to know the benefits of vitamin C for our body. As the nutrient of vitamin C in grapefruits, when you consume one entire grapefruit, without the skin of course, you have just fulfilled the daily need of vitamin C for your body. The vitamin C could reduce the severity of arthritis and asthma.

The high nutrients of vitamin C in grapefruit can reduce cold symptoms, strengthen our immune system, save us from colon cancer, reduce gum disease risk, boost metabolism, and finally it could reduce stress in our body. Besides the vitamin C, antioxidant lycopene is highly contained in the grapefruit. The lycopene could protect our cells from free radicals that could cause damage. Grapefruits could also lower your cholesterol, repair DNA, prevent kidney stones.

In contrast grapefruits also contain furanocoumarin. Furanocoumarin is a substance that could inhibit enzyme in absorbing medicine that we consume. Other than the good effects, grapefruits also carry bad effect that can endanger our body. The high nutrition of vitamin C also should be consumed in caution because over-consumption is also bad for health. After knowing how much vitamin C in a grapefruit, now it is your turn to consume it wisely.