How Much Sugar in Grapefruit so that It is Recommended to Consume

Many people are still curious about how much sugar in grapefruit since it is considered as superfruits. Grapes which have range of taste from acidic to sweet help people in weight loss and can reduce the risk to various kinds of diseases. Let’s sugar in grapefruits so that you get idea to their nutritional benefit. 

By consuming any kind of fruit, you basically will get the nutritional benefit of the fruit. However, it is a little bit different when you include more grapefruits into your diet. This tangy fruit gets high score on nutrition because it contains low sugar on each serves. It is a bit contrary to the majority of fruits that has high sugar level. In every 100 gram serving of grapes, you will only take 6 grams of sugar.

You can compare it to other types of fruits which contain more than 10 grams on each 100 gram serving. Let’s compare it with pomegranates that offer 17 grams and figs with 19 grams on similar amount of serving. Bananas also come with 20 grams of sugar on that serving. Dates with 73 grams of sugar are even higher compared with how much sugar in grapefruit. 

Many people commonly translate which foods less in sugar also comes with less calories and this is that you would like to get if you eat grapes. Joining grapes offer 30 calories on each serving. This contains a half grapefruit according to the size of the grapes themselves. When compared with other fruits perhaps they are higher from cranberries with 16 grams per serving and have slightly difference with cantaloupe with 29 calories.

However, how much sugar in grapefruit is still lower than apricots with 36 calories and kiwis with 40 calories. Even when you add a teaspoon of sugar into grapes, it will increase the sugar by 6 grams make its total sugar become 25 calories. 

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Grapefruits not only contain low calories but also rich in nutrients and provide good sources of vitamin A and C. Due to its nutritional content, more consumption of grapes can provide various kinds of health benefits. It is renowned to be effective food for weight loss.

However, recent studies revealed that grapefruits contribute to the increasing of blood pressure as well as lipid levels. Both of them are associated with obesity. Furthermore, there are studies showing that how much sugar in grapefruit offers long-term health benefits especially for controlling weight and preventing obesity. 

Grapefruits which considered as citrus fruits contain certain type of compounds called flavonoid. Consuming high amount of flavonoid can lower the risk of suffering from ischemic stroke among women. Women who eat fruits which rich of flavonoid get lower risk of this disease by 19 percent compared with those who eat fruits contain low amount of flavonoid.

This is such great news for those who want to do prevention to severe disease like stroke. Just add this fruit into your daily diet and you can take benefits of its nutritional value. Most importantly, it cannot be separated from how much sugar in grapefruit.