How Much Fat in A Banana? Is It Good For Diet?

Is banana good or bad for weight loss?

Some diet experts said that banana is not so good for weight loss. It is because banana has quite high amount of several kinds of nutrition, which may makes your body hard to lose some weight. On the other hand, most diets also encourage people to have more fresh vegetables and fruits. These two instructions cause many of us wonder whether banana is good for diet or not. Actually, how much fat in a banana if it is considered as bad for diet? Below are the nutrition facts for this fruit.

The nutritional facts of banana

The following nutrition facts are for one medium banana, which is around 7 up to 77/8 inches long or 118 g. On this serving size, there is 105 calories and 4 calories from fat. In total, there is 0.4 g of fat (1%). Meanwhile, the saturated fat is 0.1g (1%) and the polyunsaturated fat is 0.1 g (1%) as well.

There is no monounsaturated fat, cholesterol, potassium, and sodium found. On the other side, this serving contains 12% of carbohydrates (422.44 mg), 9% of dietary fiber (27 g), and 12% of sugar (3.1 g). There is also 2% of Vitamin A and 17 of vitamin size in this serving size.

Many bananas offered in the local grocery store usually larger than the above size. Therefore, the calorie must be more tha105. On average, it is estimated that those bananas are in 90 up to 120 calories. The bigger the size, the more calories you will get. Hopefully, it can give you clear depiction of how much fat in a banana.

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The comparison between banana and other fruits: calories

When talking about how much fat in a banana, it will be fair to know about what other fruit has as well. With this kind of comparison, you can decide whether you can take banana on your diet plan or not. It is also possible for you to determine how many amount of banana you can have.

A medium apple will give you 115 calories. Eating medium size orange will give you 62 calories. On the other side, the lowest calorie in fruits is having by berries. For example, a half cup of raspberries will only give you 32 calories, while half cup of blueberries consists of 41 calories. To catch up with this amount, you should not have a whole banana. Eat only half of it then you will have 45 up to 60 calories only.

Banana still give you many benefits

A large size banana gives you 31 g of effective (net) carbohydrates. It is also accompanied by 3.5g of fiber, 121 calories, and 17 g of sugars. For that reason, it will be better for you to keep consuming the small size. If it is compared to other fruits, banana has slightly higher calories.

However, banana provides good nutrition such as manganese, vitamin B6, fiber, and potassium, which are all needed by the body. Moreover, fiber in banana can help you feel full for longer time. In conclusion, after knowing how much fat in a banana, you should have understood that banana is still good if it is taken in the right amount.