How Many Carbs in a Cutie Orange? Find the Answer Here

For information about how many carbs in a cutie orange, you can get the answer on the explanation below. Besides that, we also provide you with information about other nutrition.

Carbs in cutie orange

Please note that all the amount of each nutrition in this article is for 1 serving cutie orange (2 cutie clementines). Compared to any other foods, or specifically fruits, cutie orange has a modest amount of carbs. So, how many carbs in a cutie orange in this serving? With one serving of cutie orange, it can fulfill 5.67% of your daily need for average people. More or less, two cutie oranges will give you 17 g of carbs. This amount is quite the same to what tea, fruit cocktail, and bulgur have. All of them is considered a having inordinate amount. In conclusion, the amount of carbs in cutie orange is very high.

Calories in cutie orange

As you already know the amount of how many carbs in a cutie orange, knowing the calories is the next important information you should not miss. Ina serving of this fruit, there is 80 kcal calories. This number is in the same value of 1.25 cups of raw strips cucumber, or 1.33 medium yellow onion, or even 1.63 head red leaf lettuce. Considering that, it can be concluded that the amount of calories in cutie orange is low.

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Cholesterol in cutie orange

if you are people who are afraid of getting problem with cholesterol, you do not need o worry to eat cutie orange. This fruit contains no cholesterol. More precisely, cutie orange has insubstantial amount of this nutrition with 0 per 400 calories. This value is the same t what veggie burgers, sunflower seeds, and cornbread have. In conclusion, the cholesterol of cutie orange is very low.

Fiber in cutie orange

As fruit has quite high amount of fiber, it is not an exception for cutie orange. It has fine degree for this nutrient. Approximately, there is 5 g of fiber of every 100 calories. This immense level is nearly the same to what pumpkin and okra have. Besides that, eating 2 cutie orange will fulfill 16% of the daily limit for average people. As a conclusion, the amount of fiber in cutie orange is in very high level.

Protein in cutie orange

For every 600 calories of cutie orange, you can get 7.5 grams of protein in other words, by consuming a serving of cutie orange, you can fulfill 2% of the daily recommended limit for protein. This amount is in the same value for vinegar, butter, as well as frostings. In conclusion, the amount of protein in this fruit is in modest level.

Saturated fat in cutie orange

In 200 calories having by this fruit, there is 0 gram of saturated fat. It is so low. Other food, which has this similar amount, are shallots, edamame, as well as whole wheat bagels. Those are all information about the nutrition having by cutie orange. We highly hope that the explanation will give clear answer about how many carbs in a cutie orange.