How Many Carbs in a Clementine and Why it is Such a Good Snack?

How many carbs in a clementine, you ask? Some people think that eating clementine is always a good thing. Is it really that way though?

What exactly is the thing contained within clementine? How many carbs in a clementine?

You might be wondering about what clementine is and how many carbs in a clementine are. Clementine is an orange that is filled with many wonderful things. For starters, it taste nice. It is a combination of tanginess and sweetness, and many people enjoy eating those two combined things. Aside from its taste, clementine is also highly nutritional. You can find a whole lot of good things within it with minimal amount of bad things.

Let us go into a more precise breakdown. In the fat department, there are 0,5 percent of fat contained in a serving of clementine. Fat is a nice thing to eat as long as you do not eat it too much. It got like 200 or more milligrams of potassium, which is always nice because it prevents your body from getting too sweaty and prevents diarrhoea from ever coming to visit. You will eat two grams of fibre each time you eat a serving of clementine, a half grams of protein, and 6 and half grams sugars. It contains a 7 and half gram of carbs with no trace of cholesterol and sodium whatsoever.

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The vitamin contained within a clementine is no playground matter as well. It contains like 300 percent of vitamin C (300 percent of what I do not know), 4 percent of calcium, 2 percent of vitamin A, and 2 percent of iron. Not only that it contains a whole lot amount of vitamin C for your immunity, it also contains a bit of calcium for your bones, vitamin A for your eyes, and iron for your blood.  Overall a nice food to eat when you are hungry.

Why it is such a good snack?

If you still ask me this question, then you have not been paying attention. Like I said before, clementine is a host of many nutritional things. When compared to many other fruits (and even with some other types of oranges), clementine is filled to the brim with vitamin C, making it a good source of vitamin C for your body. It contains a minimal amount of sugar, so your body can still be energized, and it contains no sodium in it. Sodium is the bane of many people these last few years, so it can be a good thing for people.

Now let us compare clementine with many store sold manufactured snacks like factory made crisps and cookies. While the two things are different in ingredients and nutritional value, they are still high in two of the most dangerous substances in the world: salt for crisps and sugar for cookies. Salt is the source of sodium and high blood pressure. Sure you can eat salt now and then, but eating too much of them will be very dangerous for the body.

The same can be said about sugar. Your body needs sugar to be able to work, but too much of sugar can lead to diabetes. Nobody likes diabetes, so you better watch your sugar intake.

That is all for today’s article. Clementine is always a nice thing for you to snack on thanks to its high nutrition and its nice taste. I hope this clears all questions about how many carbs in a clementine for you.