How Many Calories in an Apricot? – Health Benefits by Consuming Apricot

How many calories in an apricot? Well, per 100 gram serving of raw apricot gives you 48 calories, 11% cars, 0.39 gram fat, and also 1.4 gram protein. Apricot is good for body because if provides bunch of vitamin A. besides, it has low sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fatty acids which will be another good thing you need to note about this fruit. Also, it provides low calories intake but contains plenty of water and bunch of beta carotene amount.

Other than care so much about how many calories in an apricot, you should also know that consuming this fruit regularly could improve your health in overall. And in this article we are going to reveal other benefits by consuming apricot, both the raw and dried ones.

Vitamin A source

Apricot contains bunch of vitamin A or you may be more familiar with the term of retinol. Besides the fat soluble kind of thing, it also helps for better vision quality. This thing also protects the immune system and also your skin in overall. Apricot offers good amount of Beta Carotene and Retinol, which will help to reduce the possibility of you to develop some disorders with your eyes.

Fiber source

Both dried and raw apricots are good sources of fiber that will smooth your diet program. Since the retinol is fat soluble, the body would dissolve the fruit very easily. It also makes the process of body to absorb the important nutrients becomes very smooth. So, the nutrients will break down the fatty acids in quick process and your digestion is going to be normal. Besides the goodness in how many calories in an apricot, this fruit also cleanses your intestinal organs regularly.

Good friend of your heart

As we have mentioned earlier, apricot contains high amount of fiber. It helps your body to decrease the bad cholesterol, which also protects your heart in better way. On the other hand, it increases the good cholesterol level in your body in significant amount. Also, the potassium contained by apricot will balance the level of electrolyte in our body so the heart muscles are in the right order. Consuming two raw apricots or a handful of dried apricot will give you these benefits in easy way.

Antioxidant source

Apricot also contains antioxidants needed by our body. If you consume the fruit daily, you will have the boost to get rid of any toxic thing inside your body. Our body tends to collect the toxins over time and it will be a bad thing if you let it stay in your body. This is why you need the presence of antioxidant.

Good for blood

Apricot contains the type of iron needed by our body. The iron will be absorbed by your body and when it stays in the blood, it could make anemia stay away. You can also consume extra vitamin C to boost this benefit because vitamin C helps the better absorption of important iron. And the goodness of apricot is not just about how many calories in an apricot.

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