How Many Calories in a Clementine Cutie? Can It Fulfill the Daily Need?

If you want to know about how many calories in a clementine cutie, here is the explanation for all nutrition facts having by Clementine.

General information about Clementine Cutie

When people talk about cutie, actually it can refer to two fruits. The first one is for mandarin orange (commercially available, which is sold between February and April) and the other is Murcott mandarins (only sold between February and April). Both of them are seedless and has no cholesterol or fat. As cutie is the member of citrus family, it has much amount of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, as well as a variety of antioxidant compounds.

Because of these nutrients, cutie is suitable to be included in the diet plan. Consuming it in high intake can also help to decrease the risk of some serious medical conditions. However, it is not suggested for people with digestive disorders to take this fruits in many amounts. If you want to consume it regularly, they want to consume it often, talking to the doctor first will be a very wise action to avoid any worse condition in the future. For more information about how many calories in a clementine cutie, continue to the point below.

More for its nutrients facts

In general, each one serving of Clementine Cutie consist of 2 Clementine. Each of them is in 168 grams on average. How many calories in a clementine cutie in this serving? There is about 80 calories in total. Well, this amount is not very high. If you want to burn these calories after consuming this fruit, you can do many easy activities. Some of them are walking for 10 minutes, jogging for 4 minutes, swimming for 3 minutes, or even cycling for 5 minutes.

Clementine is a good choice of fruit for your diet, and of course for people with no digestive problem. For more information, 2 Clementine will give you only 1 gram of total fat. There is no saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, or trans fat on it. The cholesterol is also in 0 mg. on the other hand, your body can get many benefits as it contains 4 grams of dietary fiber, 2% of vitamin A, and 290% of vitamin C.

Get the benefits

Firstly, the 4 grams of fiber find in Clementine already fulfill the supplies of 14%of the recommended daily intake of fiber for healthy adult based on 2000 calories diet. It is as what the US Department of Agriculture recommends. Moreover, the fiber having by Clementine is a soluble one. It means that the fiber will swells with water in your digestive system and then form a viscous mass. Soluble fiber can prevent high cholesterol and even diabetes.

On the other hand, besides vitamin A and vitamin C, Clementine also has small amount ofvitamin-6, folate, niacin, thiamine, as well as pantothenic. Having two cuties with will fulfill 15% of the RDA of folate and cangive almost 300% RDA of vitamin C.

Those are all explanation about the Clementine. Hopefully, it can give you clear answer about how many calories in a clementine cutie and other information for its nutritional facts.