Health Facts About Fruits And Vegetables In Purple

For those who want to be healthy, you need to know more healthy facts about fruits and vegetables as the ideal sources for vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that your body needs and what is the most healthiest fruit and vegetable among them.  There are many different shades and colors in fruits and vegetables, such as green, red, orange, yellow, purple, and more. 

Purple fruits and vegetables such as purple cabbage, plums, grape, purple asparagus, and eggplants are full of health benefits due to their high antioxidant called anthocyanins and other nutrients density. Here are some benefits that you will get in fruits and vegetables that are purple. 

Slows Down Aging

The purple fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidant which can help slow down the aging. Eating purple fruits and vegetables is good for those who want to look younger because the antioxidant levels are far higher compared to others. 

Prevent Various Diseases

Another health facts about fruits and vegetables in purple color is that food can prevent various diseases. Eggplant, blackcurrant, grapes, and purple cabbage can help regulate blood pressure because of the presence of flavonoids. That food can prevent the high risk of suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems, cancer, and urinary tract infection. Purple fruits and vegetables can prevent urinary tract infections are due to the anthocyanins which can prevent the bacteria. 

The anthocyanins also can help ensure that your heart is in its best condition at all times. Purple fruits and vegetables that are rich in the antioxidant can protect cells from damage against harmful particles or free radicals. 

Improve Memory

The anthocyanins in purple food also can improve memory. Consuming dried blueberry powder can improve brain power in children and consuming blueberry supplements can improve or delaying short-term memory loss. Purple sweet potato can keep the brain healthy. While beetroot may increase blood flow to the brain which can help prevent dementia. 

Weight Loss 

Purple food has been effective for returning organ function to normal due to the anthocyanins content. The anthocyanins maintained or even lost weight. The purple pigment in purple fruits and vegetables can help prevent obesity

As you can see, the color purple in food has extraordinary nutrition. There are plenty of health facts about fruits and vegetables in purple which is good to prepare and serve them in various ways on your dinner table and we should eat that food more often.