Health Benefits and Calories in Cuties Mandarin Oranges

calories in cuties mandarin oranges must be considered carefully although people cannot deny that it might be considered as delicious and healthy fruit. However, people who are conscious about health and fitness cannot be careless about their nutrition intake.

Of course it does not mean that people can only consider about the calories amount only because they also have to consider about the benefits offered by cuties mandarin orange.

Calories Amount

Of course people cannot ignore the calories amount in every single thing they eat and drink. In this circumstance, they will be happy because cuties mandarin oranges come with 40 calories for each serving. 

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With this amount of calories, there is no more need to worry for choosing the cuties mandarin orange as part of their diet menu. It will be perfectly delicious snacks option. The kids will love to consume this fruit as well since it tastes great. Nevertheless, it must be so much better to know more about the health benefits offered by this kind of fruit.


calories in cuties mandarin oranges

It is great for including cuties mandarin orange into the diet menu. It is not only about the calories in cuties mandarin oranges only because it is also about other nutrients which can be found in this fruit. In fact, cuties mandarin oranges are rich in antioxidants compound.

Just like any other citrus fruits, cuties mandarin oranges also come with naringenin as well as hesperidin. Both work as flavonoids which are useful for preventing the damage of DNA caused by free radicals. By taking cutis mandarin orange, people can prevent various health problems from stroke to cancer.

Dietary Fiber

People must not forget that cuties mandarin orange also comes with dietary fiber. There are about four grams of dietary fiber which can be found in a single serving of this fruit. If people are looking for good source of soluble fiber, this fruit surely can be a great choice.

Taking the soluble fiber from the cuties mandarin orange can help people preventing various health issues including high cholesterol as well as diabetes. If people take the diet with high intake of dietary fiber, they will be able to lower the risk of various diseases including hypertension, ulcers, and cardiovascular disease.


Cuties mandarin orange can be considered as fruit which is packed with various kinds of vitamins including vitamin A and more importantly vitamin C which can be found in high amount. It is also high in folate so it is useful for helping prevent heart disease as well as depression.

Pregnant women should take more foods with high folate content for lowering the risk of the infant being born with neurological problem. That is why cuties mandarin orange can be a great choice. With high content of vitamin C in this fruit, they can keep the bones, immune system, and skin healthy.


Last but not least, cuties mandarin orange also comes with high amount of potassium. It is crucial for maintain the contraction of skeletal, smooth, and also cardiac muscle. It is also necessary for activating enzyme that will stimulate carbohydrate metabolism. Yes, it is not only about calories in cuties mandarin oranges.