Getting to Know What are the Benefits of Vegetables

What are the benefits of vegetables is not a difficult question to explain. The vegetable is a kind of healthy food which all people can consume it every day.

Generally, the vegetables are perfectly easy to get and find around us. The ease to get and find the vegetable variety makes most people love to consume the vegetables in which the vegetables are processed into many kinds of delicious dishes.

Well, why are vegetables good for you? It is not only easy to get, find and has delicious tastes, but in each kind of vegetable also contains many nutrients which are perfectly good for the important needs of your health especially in vegetables with green color. There are dozens even hundreds of benefits behind the green healthy vegetables.

Well, if you have not known and understand more about the benefits of vegetables for your lovely body, this good article has already summarized some lists of vegetables easy to fond end their special benefits. So, what are the benefits of vegetables?


Broccoli does not only contain many vitamins, fibers, and minerals but, Broccoli also has antioxidants, they are lutein and sulforaphane which are exactly perfect for decreasing the cancer risk.

It also contains vitamin C in which it is also very needed for the body of yours. Most people believe that Broccoli gives special benefits to the health of our hearts. Besides that, the other Broccoli benefits for the health of our body are such as beautifying our beloved skin, helping the system of the digestive, helping fully to the pregnant women, helping someone who has depression, and the others.


A cabbage vegetable is basically included as a kind of vegetable which has many health and good benefits for our own body. The health benefits of cabbage are such as good for our digestion, can fight cancer well, enhancing our immunity, good for the bones of dental, heart, kidneys, and also the health of the skin.


Spinach contains a fiber which is very high. Then, spinach is also a great and excellent iron source for our blood. The spinach also has lutein in which it has a function to keep the health of the eye. Besides that, spinach also contains many kinds of great vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and also folate.


The vegetable of Kale contains perfectly many nutrients or vitamins such as A and C vitamins. In addition, the Kale also contains a B complex vitamin which has a great function to increase our hormones so that we will get comfortable and relax atmosphere.

The Kale also has minerals such as potassium, calcium, and also phosphorus. There are many nutrients contained in this great vegetable. So, please, be aware if you regularly eat or consume it, you will get and directly feel the excellent benefits of the kale for our health such as avoiding free radicals, lowering cholesterol, anti-aging, anti-diabetes, treating anemia, and also increasing our immunity.

Now, you have known what are the benefits of vegetables. Please, be smart in consuming healthy food!