Fruits And Their Health Benefits For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the happiest moment most awaited by a married couple. As a standby husband, you need to help to maintain the health of the mother and child who are in the womb.

Many things can be done by husbands such as giving fruits every day to his wife. This is because fruits are very good food to be consumed by pregnant women.

The benefits contained in fruits have an important role in fetal development. The husband does not need to worry because this article will help you to find out the kinds of fruits and their health benefits for pregnant women.

fruits and their health benefits


Mangos are fruits good for you mothers who are pregnant. Mangoes have good nutritional content such as vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin C in mangoes serves to ward off free radical attacks. In addition, vitamin C also serves to increase the stamina of pregnant women. Meanwhile, vitamin A has an antioxidant role that will maintain eye health, the immune system, and also the nervous system in infants in the womb.

In addition, mangoes also contain potassium which can help in regulating blood pressure and body fluid balance of pregnant women. Another content contained in the mango is high in fiber which will help smooth bowel movements to prevent constipation.


Helping the development of the brain and nervous system in infants is also very important to be considered for prospective parents. Therefore, husbands can provide avocados to pregnant wives. This is because avocados contain folic acid, potassium, vitamins B and C.

The nutritional content will function to increase brain growth, the nervous system, and also the baby’s tissue. Avocados also have a very high-fat content, so pregnant women should only consume 1 avocado a day.


Fruits and their health benefits for pregnant women are grapes. This fruit is very good for pregnant women because it contains magnesium and vitamin A. Magnesium in grapes has a function to reduce the cramps that are often experienced by pregnant women.

Meanwhile, vitamin A in grapes will help increase the body’s metabolism, especially mothers who are pregnant. In addition, other ingredients contained in wine are folate, sodium, phosphorus, and potassium.


Usually, pregnant women feel tired more quickly. Therefore, bananas are one of the fruits that can be consumed by pregnant women to reduce fatigue. This is because bananas contain enough fiber and calories which are the main source of energy for pregnant women.

In addition, bananas also contain potassium and iron which will maintain normal blood pressure and prevent anemia in pregnant women. This fruit has a very soft texture so it is easier to digest and does not cause nausea in pregnant women.

Those are some choices of fruits and their health benefits for pregnant women. Husbands need to provide these fruits every day so that the health of the mother and baby is maintained. The fruit can be bought anywhere so that the husband does not need to worry that he will have difficulty finding the fruit.