Foods that should be consumed to lower high blood pressure

Hypertension is one of the dangerous diseases that should be avoided. But if it has been affected by this disease, like it or not, your diet must also change continuously.

High blood pressure or hypertension should not be taken lightly, because this disease is generally at risk of complications that eventually trigger to other diseases.

Hypertension can occur due to several factors, among others, due to excess body weight obesity. Therefore, people with hypertension must always maintain their intake of nutrients such as foods high in fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium and protein.

High blood pressure lowering foods

Indeed, someone with hypertension must regularly take medication as advised by a doctor. But actually taking medication is not enough, but it must be accompanied by a healthy diet. Here are some foods to lower high blood pressure fast.


Yogurt is a drink made from fermented milk, and it turns out that the calcium contains in this yogurt drink is high. So that it is suitable for lowering high blood pressure. In addition, yogurt also contains high probiotics which will help maintain your endurance.

How to consume yogurt can be directly drunk or mixed with some other foods such as nuts, or as a complementary drink after breakfast.

Skimmed milk

Besides yogurt, skimmed milk also contains high calcium which is good for helping lower high blood pressure. There are even studies abroad that mention that skimmed milk can effectively help lower high blood pressure because of its calcium contains.

Fresh green vegetables

Vegetables are easy to find, easy to cook and affordable. To reduce high blood pressure, choose green vegetables that are fresh and cooked immediately, including spinach, green radish, mustard greens, and lettuce. These vegetables contains potassium and vitamins which are good for health.

Fatty fish

Regularly consuming fatty fish is very good for controlling high blood pressure. Salmon is the best type of fatty fish, even though it is more expensive. In addition, salmon has omega-3 which is not only good for controlling high blood pressure, but also good for brain health.

However, you should note that don’t overcook the salmon, and also avoid salty spices like salt because it will further increase high blood pressure.

Whole wheat

Currently, there are quite a lot of foods that contain whole grains. Foods that contain wheat you can find in supermarkets. According to one journal of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that whole wheat are very good for reducing high blood pressure.

In addition, whole grains are chosen because they contain high fiber. So it is also good for digestion and intestinal health. Some foods that contain whole grains are cereals, bread, and some biscuits.


Potatoes have a high amount of potassium and magnesium. Therefore, potatoes are useful for lowering high blood pressure. But again how to process or how to cook it that must be right. That is, avoid strong spices such as flavorings and salt. For people with hypertension, potatoes are better eaten boiled or baked.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains lots of flavonoids which are great for helping lower high blood pressure. Flavonoids can form nitric oxide in the body which will help dilate blood vessels so that blood flow in the body is smoother. With a smoother flow of blood vessels, high blood pressure will be significantly reduced.

However, there are still many people who don’t know how to get dark chocolate. If dark chocolate is difficult to find, you can looking for chocolate with a cocoa composition of more than 60%. The more cocoa content in chocolate, the more flavonoids content will be and of course it’s very good.