Do You Know Why Are Fruits and Vegetables Healthy and They Should Be Consumed every day?

Do you know why are fruits and vegetables healthy for our health and they should be consumed every day? Well, almost everyone has known that vegetables and also fruits are the best food for the lovely body health.

How could it be? It is because all of the vegetables and fruits have many great nutrients so that they are very healthy. Then, what are the nutrients contained in them? The following are the explanations.

Vitamin C

One of the reasons why are vegetables good for you is the content of vitamin C. Basically, fruits & vegetables can be said as the only good source of C vitamin. Well, Vitamin C can help the defense of the body from an infection and it also has a great role in our bones, vessels of blood, teeth, gums, and cartilage.

This vitamin also has a function as an antioxidant, and its presentation of quantity in fruits and also vegetables are safe naturally. But, it is very different vitamin C contained in any supplement you consume. Vitamin C exactly also helps the iron absorption from the sources of the plant.

Vitamin E

Fruits and also vegetables also contain Vitamin E. This Vitamin E contains Antioxidants that can protect many kinds of cells throughout our body, especially, it really protects the membranes placed around the cells.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is generally made in our body from a compound which is called carotenoid in which it is usually found in fruits & vegetables with light color. Carotene of Beta is carotenoid which is very important for conversion to A vitamin.

Vitamin B

In the complex nutrient group, there are 8 kinds of different vitamins and the vegetables and also fruits contribute to seven vitamins of the vitamin totals. The big roles of Vitamin B are improving our tissue, our healthy blood, and also our body’s ability in producing energy from fats, carbohydrates, and also proteins.

Food fiber

Well, you can find good food fiber from vegetables and fruit you consume every day. All vegetables and also fruits actually give the insoluble and soluble fiber combination. The fiber can help keep our intestines working well and slow the food breakdown into glucose in our blood. The soluble fiber can help control the levels of cholesterol in our blood.


Antioxidants that are contained in fruits & vegetables can actually help boost the supply of our body of the important component which can keep the body always healthy.

Well, are you still doubt to eat or consume fruits and vegetables every day? Surely, you are not. You have known in detail why are fruits and vegetables healthy, right? So, enjoy your day with healthy food!

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