Comparing Mandarin Orange vs Clementine

mandarin orange vs clementine for some people are not necessary comparison because both are included in the citrus family. They basically taste and look similar but we can make sure that there must be difference between both citrus types. In this circumstance, it is better to learn further about both fruits.


Although both mandarin orange and clementine are part of citrus family, people can find that both have slightly different taste. It has different physical characteristic as well. Clementine can be considered as the mini version of mandarin orange. As for its taste, clementine has tangy, tart, as well as slightly sweet taste.

When people are talking about mandarin oranges, they cannot forget the sweet taste offered by this fruit. It is also often canned so people should be more careful about its nutritional value. Besides the taste and look, people surely also have to learn more about the nutrition comparison between both fruits.

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Calories on Mandarin Orange vs Clementine

mandarin orange vs clementine

Calories might be the biggest consideration which people will make when they are comparing two foods. In this circumstance, one clementine comes with 35 calories and it also has 6.8 grams of natural sugar which must be healthy for the body.

Usually people can find mandarin orange which is much bigger than clementine but when they are comparing mandarin orange with clementine with similar serving size, they can find 38 calories content in mandarin orange. It comes along with 8.25 grams of natural sugar which explains the reason why the mandarin orange tastes very sweet.

Different nutrient value can be found from canned mandarin sugar because it is packed in syrup. The calories in canned mandarin orange reached 61 calories while the sugar content is 15.5 grams. The calorie content is increased because of the added sugar while the fruit nutritional value is decreased. This fact must not be ignored when comparing mandarin orange vs clementine.

Vitamins on Mandarin Orange vs Clementine

Both mandarin orange and clementine come with high amount of vitamin C. There is no surprise after all because both are member of citrus family. By taking enough amount of vitamin C, people can make sure that their immune system is nourished. Infection can be prevented while the skin and teeth can be kept healthy.

36 grams of vitamin C can be found from one clementine but there is only 34 milligrams vitamin C in mandarin orange. However, mandarin orange comes with more vitamin A that reaches 66 milligrams per serving. Not to forget, both also comes with vitamin E and folate.


Taking mandarin orange and clementine will not make people take large amount of minerals. However, both citrus fruits come with significant amount of potassium. Three percent of daily potassium need can be fulfilled by taking one clementine which contains of 131 milligrams of this mineral. Canned mandarin orange with similar sized amount can provide 136 milligrams of potassium.

Potassium surely is not the only mineral which can be found from both fruits. People can also find calcium, magnesium, and iron in both fruits although in very small amount only. That is the comparison of mandarin orange vs clementine.