Carbs in Cutie Orange & Its Benefits for Health

Orange is a type of citrus fruit which is believed rich in Vitamin C. Even many people suggest to consume oranges routinely in order to keep body stamina, because orange contains various vitamins and nutritions which are needed for the health of body.

But do you know that orange does not only contain Vitamin C but there are also carbs in cutie orange? Yes, carbohydrate is also contained in this citrus fruit. Per 100 grams of cutie orange contain 11,2 grams of carbohydrate. As we know, carbohydrate is useful to produce energy. 1 gram of carbohydrate can produce 4 kkal.

Behind its sweet and sour taste, orange has a lot of benefits for health. What are they?

  1. Are you having arthritis or stiffness in your muscles? Then consuming orange can be the alternative you take in order to reduce your arthritis. Orange is proven can decrease the pain caused by arthritis and stiffness in your muscles or joints.

  2. Preventing cancer. Besides containing carbs in cutie orange, this citrus fruit is also rich in limonoid which has been already proven in preventing skin cancer disease, lungs cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, and colon cancer.

  3. Orange is actually really good for the development of brain. It is because orange contains folic acid which is a great substance in helping the establishment of brain.

  4. Preventing kidney stones. Try to drink orange juices without any sugar added routinely in order to reduce the risk of getting kidney stones. But do not drink too much orange juice, because the natural sugar in orange will break when orange is processed into juice. This will quickly create cavity.

  5. The next benefit of consuming orange is you will be able to increase and strengthen your immune system. It is because orange is rich in Vitamin C besides carbs in cutie orange. One of the functions of Vitamin C is stimulating the production of white blood cells in your body. It is really beneficial in increasing your immune system.

  6. Reducing the risk of liver cancer. According to a research in Japan, consuming orange especially mandarin orange, is able to reduce the risk of getting liver cancer. It is because Vitamin A contained in this citrus fruit which is known as carotenoid.

  7. Even though contains a lot of water, orange is also rich in fibers which help the body to decrease cholesterol inside the body. The fibers are also good for losing weight, especially added with carbs in cutie orange even though the amount is quite small.

  8. Calcium contained in orange play a role in keeping heartbeat stable. So that consuming any kinds of orange is able to prevent cardiac arrhythmia disease and keep the health of heart.

  9. As we all already know, orange has a high level of Vitamin C which is able to function as antioxidant. So that eating orange can protect body cells from free radical attacks and strengthen our immune system, making us do not easily get sick.