Calories in Tangerine Cutie and Its Benefits

Tangerine is one kind of mandarin orange. But the color of tangerine orange is darker and more orange than mandarin orange color. Moreover, its size is also smaller. The taste of tangerine is relatively sweet. This kind of orange contains various nutritions, and generally has low calories.

How low exactly the calories in a tangerine cutie? One small tangerine with diameter 6 cm has 45 calories. While 1 ounce of tangerine contain 13 calories and 100 grams of tangerine contain 47 calories. If you process tangerine into juice, 1 glass of tangerine juice without sugar contains 85 calories.

Besides containing low calories in tangerine cutie, this fruit also has a lot of benefits which are beneficial for the body. Here are the benefits you can have by eating tangerine.

Rich in Antioxidant

Just like most citrus fruits, tangerine also contains a lot of Vitamin C as antioxidant which is very good for the immune system. Vitamin C works by increasing the immune system and protecting body cells from free radicals.

Helping the Digestive Health

Pacitin is also contained in tangerine besides calories in a tangerine cutie. This pacitin substance is very beneficial for digestive system. A research which was published in American Society of Microbiology shows that when pacitin is digested, it will be fermented in intestines and will be able to increase the amount of good bacteria in the digestive system.

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Reducing Cholesterol

Fibers contained in tangerine called as lamella. Lamella membrane is rich in fibers and really great for diet. So that for you who are on diet for losing some body weights, you are able to add tangerine in your breakfast meals or eat it as healthy snack. The fibers and calories in a tangerine cutie will be helpful in supporting your diet. Moreover, the fibers are also good for reducing cholesterol in blood. Soluble fibers contained in tangerine will from a substance which is like thick gel in intestines when it is digested. The substance will slow the absorbent of cholesterol down, and also decreasing the level of cholesterol in blood.

Healing Wound

Tangerine is able to help healing wounds in parts of body. Besides, this citrus fruit is also able to overcome skin diseases arthritis effectively. Tangerine will help the body absorbing iron in meals and distributing it to the entire body. A study found that people who drink 2 glass of tangerine juice every single day for a year has a lower level of LDL cholesterol which is bad type of cholesterol, and also lower level of total cholesterol in their bloods.

A comprehensive study found that drinking tangerine juice decreases the damages of DNA. This study concluded that Vitamin C and other nutrients contained in tangerine are actively playing roles in reducing damages of DNA. Besides, remembering the high level of Vitamin C in tangerine, consuming this fruit is beneficial in preventing maag which is caused by H. Pylori bacteria. Those are the benefits of consuming tangerine and the information of calories in a tangerine cutie.