Calories in A Clementine Orange VS in A Mandarin Orange

Clementine orange and mandarin orange are included in citrus fruits. These 2 kinds of oranges can be a healthy snack with low calories. Moreover, clementine orange and mandarin orange have a lot of nutritions which are really good for body. So that for you who want to start eating healthier foods, do not doubt to add oranges to your salad or yoghurt for your breakfast. Your delicious breakfast will be more nutritious with low calories.

But if you always count the calories contained in every meal you eat, you may ask, how many calories in a clementine orange and mandarin orange? A small clementine orange with the weight about 75 grams, contains 35 calories. While a mandarin orange with the same weight contains 40 calories. 100 grams of clementine oranges with various weights contain about 47 calories.

The fat contained in both kinds of oranges is less than 5% from the total calories. No matter you like clementine orange or mandarin orange, you will get the quite same amount of fibers. One clementine orange contains 1.3 grams, while one mandarin orange contains 1.4 grams.

Besides getting calories in a clementine orange, you can also get fibers in both clementine orange and mandarin orange. You need to get 14 grams fibers for each 1000 calories in your meal, as mentioned in dietary guidelines for Americans, 2010. It means if your daily intake is 2000 calories, you need 28 grams fibers a day. Snacking 2 oranges a day will give you 10% of your need of fibers for 2000 calories diet.

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You should also get Vitamin C in your meal everyday because your body does not have a way to save this Vitamin inside the body. Eating clementine oranges will give you more Vitamin C, which is 36 milligrams than mandarin oranges, 20 milligrams. According to Institute of Medicine, men need 90 milligrams of Vitamin C everyday, while women need 75 milligrams everyday. One clementine orange can fulfill at least 40% of your Vitamin C need all day. On the other hand, one mandarin orange is able to fulfill at least 22%. Clementine orange is rich in Vitamin C, besides calories in a clementine orange.

Moreover, clementine orange also offers more Vitamin B and folate compared to mandarin orange. A clementine orange has 18 micrograms of folate, while mandarin orange has 12 micrograms. Your body needs about 400 micrograms of folate every single day. Because clementine oranges are rich in various nutritions especially Vitamin C, you will get a lot of benefits for your health by eating this kind of orange.

Eating clementine oranges will help you keeping your metabolism, increasing the production of red blood cells, protecting cells from damages, producing more collagens which are good for the health of skin, and also helping the immune system to fight against bacteria. The Vitamin C contained in clementine oranges are also able to protect skin from free radicals. Those are the benefits you can have by eating nutrition and calories in a clementine orange.