Best Fruit and Veg to Eat With Their Skin

Fruits are one source of healthy food for your body. The question is, which fruit is good for health? Either fruits or vegetables are all good for the body. All types of fruits and vegetables are very healthy.

However, each fruit and vegetable has different nutrients from one another. Therefore, you can consider fruits and vegetables that have more benefits than others. That way you can choose which best fruit and veg to eat.

Several types of fruits and vegetables have this. In this case, the fruit and vegetables are not only the meat that has benefits and nutrients, but also the skin. If you eat it together with the skin, then the more nutrients contained in the fruits and vegetables you will get.

best fruit and veg to eat

Consumption of apples and skin

Apples are one type of fruit that is very popular in the world from then until now. Fruits are often consumed by eating directly after cleaning or used as an apple juice drink. Apple flesh is believed to contain dietary fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

However, not only the meat but the culture also has benefits that are very good for the body. Apple skin contains pectin compounds which can eradicate cholesterol and blood sugar in the body. Besides, by eating apples together with the skin, it will also make you feel fuller longer. So that the apple is very suitable for people who need the best fruit and veg to eat.

Benefits of consuming grapes and their skin

Grapes are also quite popular with most people. Grapes are believed to help increase immunity in the body so they are not susceptible to disease. Grapes are also processed into various kinds of products besides being eaten directly. Examples such as grape juice, jelly, to raisins.

Eating grapes along with the skin will help increase antioxidants in your body. That way, grapes can help maintain a healthy heart, brain, slow cancer cells, and also make facial skin look younger because of the content of resveratrol.

Do not remove eggplant and cucumber skin

Eggplants and cucumbers also have good benefits for the body when eaten together with the skin. Eating eggplant vegetables along with the skin can prevent damage to brain cells and protect themselves from the development of cancer cells. While cucumbers have the benefit of being rich in vitamin K to help bone and eye health. That way, that’s some of the best fruit and veg to eat.