Bananas’ Benefits: What Do Bananas Do for Your Body?

Banana is one of the most popular foods in the world. The rich nutrients contained in the fruit such as potassium, fiber, vitamin, and minerals are very beneficial for health. So, what do bananas do for your body? What happens to your body when you eat the fruit?

1. You Will Experience Better Heart Health

If you ask about what do bananas do for your body, you should thank to the potassium contained in the fruit. Banana is rich source of potassium that considered to be important mineral to improve the health of your heart. The potassium you can find in the fruit can do various functions to your body include keeping the electrical balance of the vital organ.

Recent studies conducted relate to potassium is that the substance can help your body to maintain blood pressure in normal level. As you know that high blood pressure plays important role in the developing of heart disease. So, when you eat banana, you heart will work better and lower your risk to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

2. Bananas Improve the Health of Your Digestive?

What do bananas do for your body next? Well, the fruit can help you to improve the help of your digestive organs. This is because banana is also rich of fiber and the fruit contains three grams of it on average. A ripe banana is rich of pectin fiber which is very beneficial for your body while the unripe one contains resistant starch. The dietary fiber you can find in the fruit will improve the digestive system in your body and support the organs relate to it in turn.

Meanwhile, the pectin fibers provided by ripe bananas are important get rid away toxins and heavy metals found in your body. The fibers are also useful to normalize your bowel motility so you will be able to avoid digestive problems such as constipation.

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3. Improve the Sensitivity of Insulin

More people now are suffering from diabetes and one of the factors that cause them to suffer from the health problem is because of the insulin resistance. The resistant starch just like the one you can find in bananas can help your body to improve insulin sensitivity up to 50% if you consume the fruit for about four weeks. But just keep in mind that the resistant starch can only be found on unripe bananas, not the ripe ones just like mentioned above.

You can add the unripe bananas on a smoothie so that it will taste better. Not only improve insulin resistance, the resistant starch will also work well for those with diabetes. This is because the ingredient can help your body to slow the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. In this way, they will be able to control the level of their blood sugar.

4. Lift Your Mood Instantly

So, what do banans do for your body next? If you do not have good mood and reluctantly to do anything, just eat banana. The fruit will lift your mood faster. Thanks to tyrosine and tryptophan that are contained by the fruit. They can boost the production of “feel good” hormones such as dopamine and serotonin to make you have better mood.