Are Bananas High in Sugar? The Fruit’s Facts You Should Know

Who doesn’t know banana? Almost everyone knows about the fruit. With the high nutrients contained in banana, the fruit is chosen to eat by most people. But, are bananas high in sugar? Find out more about the facts of the fruit here.

Sugar Contained in the Fruit

Banana is considered to be one of the most eaten food in the world for many reasons. Studies show that the fruit is also able to lower the symptoms include asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive problems, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Are bananas high in sugar? Well, banana in medium size usually has 7 up to 7 7/8 inches in length and 118 grams in weight. Medium banana generally contains 14 grams of sugar which is about 53% of the 105 total calories contained by the fruit.

The sugar you can find in bananas are mainly produced by natural fructose. Though maltose, glucose, and sucrose are also found in the fruit but the percentage is smaller if compared to the fructose. Thus, there is nothing you should be worried about eating too much banana for your daily diet since it will not increase triglycerides just like if you consume products with pure fructose added into them. Studies reveal that most people in United States consume 2.22 teaspoons of sugar every day.

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You should keep in mind that the sugars you add into your diet menu will cause you to gain extra calories. As a result, your weight will gain rapidly and you will experience lack of nutrients at the same time. This is because the sugar you consumed will replace the nutritious of food intake.

Moreover, the more sugar you consume will lead you to experience high level of blood pressure, increase triglycerides, and inflammation that make you prone to suffer from various degenerative diseases.

But, natural fructose contained in the banana is different. The sugar provided by the fruit will not cause you to have health problems. So, are bananas are high in sugar? Well, though there are some people think that the fruit contains high sugar, but it safe to consume, much better than products with added fructose.

Potassium in Banana

Are bananas high in sugar? Despite the amount of sugar in the fruit that will give you energy after you consume it, banana is also rich of potassium. This compound is very useful to help your body to keep fluids in normal level. Moreover, high potassium contained in banana is also beneficial to help you regulate the movement of nutrients in your body as well as waste them in and out of cells.

There are some other benefits people might get from the potassium they can find in banana. The substance helps your muscle to contract and your nerve cells to respond. Your heart will beat more regularly because of the potassium in bananas.

Not only that, the potassium will also help your body to lower the effect of sodium you can find in blood pressure. In this way, banana will be beneficial the most for people with high blood pressure disease since the fruit can help to reduce the symptoms.